Leadership Award
2016-2017 Recipients - Governors

Shane Hart
Randy Covell
Brian Kirsch
Dennis A. Manges
Dan Drakes
Mark Adams
Edward Chris Baker
Daniel Pavone Jr.
Robert Messina

Youngwood 23
Titusville FC 84
Indiana FC 174
Windber FC 349
Albion FC 381
Elizabethtown FC 596
Dixonville FC 833
Willow Grove 1101
Pittston 1207

Leadership Award
2016-2017 Recipients - Administrators

William H. Otto
Fred Ulmer
Jeffery A. Lechner
John Beck
Rodney E. Grine
James A. Groves
Francis W. Vuxta
James P. Johnson Jr.
Jamie Cooper
William E. Dougherty Jr.
Stephen J. Caggeso
Ronald P. Murach
Anthony N. Nase
Max I. Helman Jr.

Titusville FC 84
Leechburg FC 102
St Marys FC 146
Indiana FC 174
Windber FC 349
Albion FC 381
Elizabethtown FC 596
Elkland FC 746
Dixonville FC 833
Willow Grove 1101
Ridgway FC 1183
Tunkhannock 1276
Stroudsburg FC 1336
Shippensburg 2500

NEW - Lodge Leadership Award
2017-2018 Requirements


When the Lodge qualifies for the Premier Lodge Award, both the Governor and/or Administrator can earn a Leadership Award, qualifying each of them for 50,000 Moose Rewards points. This program replaces the Governor’s Award of Excellence. In order to qualify, the following criteria must be met individually:

  • Must serve a full term from May 1 through the following April 30th

  • Must be an active Moose Legionnaire at the close of his term, April 30th

  • Must sponsor at least three members into the Order during term of office

  • Must, during his term of office, have personally attended all meetings below during his year of service (Alternate Delegates qualify for a Lodge’s representation but does NOT qualify for the Leadership Award)

    • International Moose Convention AND
    • Association Annual Convention AND
    • Association Mid-Year Conference

Without exception, ALL of the above conditions MUST be met in order to qualify for the award.

***At the discretion of the General Governor, a Governor may be disqualified from earning the Governor's Award of Excellence for failing to abide by our General Laws.

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